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    Hey folks,

    Please don't rip me if you think this idea sounds stupid. Only trying to spark some thought process...

    You know how they have those tinted monitor screen covers for PC's that make the screen more viewable in direct sunlight? What if someone could replace the clear plastic cover on the Treo flip with this material. Using PowerJog, I often dial numbers or check items with the cover closed. Either way with the lid open or closed, the screen is hardly viewable in direct sunlight.

    Do you think the screen would be more viewable in the sun with the lid closed?
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    OH my GOAWWWWD, that is SUCH a STUPID idea!!!

    Just kidding.

    I suspect that it's not the glare from the sunlight that's the problem, but rather the environmental brightness of the sunlight that competes with the less-bright colour screen. The sunlight wins. The screen looks dim, even when you shade it from direct sunlight. I don't think the screen could ever be made bright enough to be like a computer monitor's high-powered CRT, which is where the anti-glare overlays come in.

    But them's just my suspicions. What th' heck do llamas know about optics?

    Spreading misinformation gleefully,
    The Llama Bbonnn
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    I reckon that a polarising filter would do the trick...

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