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    The Washington Post has reviewed the Treo 300.

    Here are a few highlights, followed by my personal thoughts:

    WP: "After a day of heavier use, including several extended online sessions, the battery was still more than half-full."

    Me: This seems to be better than the battery life I'm getting, but maybe I'm just a heavier user. In any event, battery life is just fair, and I wouldn't plan on going anywhere for more than a day without a travel or car charger (if you leave PCS Vision connected and do any decent amount of data).

    WP: "Blazer visibly struggled to render some Web pages, sometimes ignoring all input as it digested some particularly complicated morsel of HTML."

    Me: True, but this is also true of other handheld broswers as well. If you want a full Web surfing experience, you must use a PC.

    WP: "...regular e-mail you need to download Handspring's Treo Mail..."

    Me: Not necessarily true. You can run other e-mail applications, such as the free Eudora Internet Suite (though Treo Mail takes better advantage of some of the Treo's features, such as the jog dial).

    WP: "The trick is estimating your data use correctly."

    Me: I agree completely. It's impossible to know how much data you're using, since Sprint is not (yet) providing this information during the billing cycle. And regardless, the pay-by-the-megabyte approach is expensive. Let's hope for an unlimited, flat-fee data plan.

    WP: "...the edge of the lid grew uncomfortable against my ear during a lengthy conversation."

    Me: I agree, but that's where the earbud comes in handy. It works great.
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    What are the "one of two free programs" mentioned in the WP review that will (I presume) change the startup screen from the quickdial phone screen to (say) Blazer? I bought my Treo 300 for its data and E-mail functions, not for yaddayadda, and so the quickdial startup is an annoyance, albeit a minor one. I assumed that it was hardcoded in ROM. Not so?
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    I am using Buttons-T and it works perfectly. See also TreoButton .
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    TreoButton allows you to choose which application is launched when you open the lid or press the jog dial button. TreoButton is available here on TreoCentral, or from other sources (PalmGear, etc.).

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