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    I dont talk on the phone alot. Maybe 10 mins a day and I my batt is dieing 1 or 2 times a day. Can I hear some tips on how to save power!
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    What else are you doing? Web surfing (not just staying connected, actually surfing) drains a lot of battery power.

    You may have a problem with your phone. Some people here have reported that they were able to increase vattery life by doing a hard reset then completely charging the battery.
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    Funny thing cause I find that the Treo 300 has great battery life and recharges rather quickly. Wierd uh?
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    I have found that my battery drains faster if my data connection is always on, even if I am not surfing all of the time.
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    How can I close the data connection?
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    you can close it from within Blazer or go to preferences/network/disconnect @ bottom.

    My battery life has been fine, I can usually go about a 1 1/2 days with moderate browsing and about 1hour/day on the phone. It recharges fast as well. I did try the Midcast thing, and it killed the battery in about 2 hours w/ no other use other than the data connection.

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