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    Once installed GPRS patch, does the "basic GSM" functions still run, or does GPRS replaces it all?
    This point is important to me to decide if I install it or not because I've customised my connections set ups with my current Internet service provider phone number in place of my GSM operator. This way I can receive and SEND e-mails with built in One Touch mail, using my smtp / pop3 accounts, exactly the same as I do with my PC.
    I am afraid if I install GPRS patch, it suppresses and replaces GSM settings and I can no longer use my ISP phone number and so I can no longer send emails with One Touch mail.
    Does someone knows?
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    cannot tell you for sure, but from what i have gathered is that it will work.
    in other words, installing the GPRS patch does not kill the regular GSM dialup features fo the treo.

    i would still get a second opinion on this. good luck.
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    The GPRS upgrade will not break your existing settings or your custom connections/provider configurations. It will add some network settings based on your provider.


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