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    After 17 hours of f#$%&ng around finally found the way to reverse the patch. First of al restore the original ROM. Then use the upgrade program called GPRS46.exe. This is one of the last Beta GPRS releases from Handspring. This updater doesn't need to be fooled by the Currentcarrier.pdb file. If you didn't make a copy of your original file just use the Singtel one. During the update proces the Treo will freeze again. Just follow the steps it requests. When the Treo "hangs", wait for 2 minutes and soft reset . Don't think that you have GPRS because you don't. The good thing is that, for some strange reason, this updater resets the radio settings. I've done it 8 times myself, and it works for me all the time. I put the everything together in a zip file (8.511 MB) but i can't seem to attach it to this mail. If you want you can get it of Kazaa. It's called "GPRS". Good luck.
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    Thanks a lot. However, I cannot access Kaaza due to my proxy. Could you try to upload it to some other places?
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    Sorry guys, i have to be off-line for a couple of hours. I need my laptop for a presentation. I will be back in 6 hours.
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    Anyone find and try this? Was it succesful?
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    Where is it ?!?

    'search finished w/o any result'

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    I have the original ROM but really need the GPRS patch file to get some phone functionality back.

    Can anybody help???

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    Has anyone been able to pull this off of Kazaa?
    Working my way into freak out mode.
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    Hello all
    I'm so sorry to say that I do not beleive what our friend is saying... Cause till now we could not fid what he is talking about!!!
    So, my friend .. try to upload the Reverse Patch to any Group (Yahoo, MSN...etc) and give us the link here..
    Also, and we need some body else who tried it...

    Best regards ,,,
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    This updater clearly flashes Palm OS ROM and the radio firmware. Restoring a Palm OS ROM image from a JackFlash backup is not going to be a stable retroaction as the radio firmware will be mismatched. This would probably be worse than having the updater left in place.

    I dont think it is going to be possible to go back unless HS release another app that flashes the Treo back to a former ROM. The original posting looks like a hoax to me.
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    Trust me MNSTR is anything but a liar or a hoax. The guy helped me out this morning for three hours! Started the day with a over-priced treo 90 and now have a working phone again. His process reversed the patch as promised.
    Thanks again MNSTR. Can't tell you how much I appreciate the help.
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    Dear Mr. sdemw
    First of all I did not mean any thing bad to our friend ( MNSTR ), but I hope he continue his advice and give us the full procedure to reverse the GPRS patch...
    Or you ( sdemw ) can tell us how you did it....
    I think there are many who are waiting for this procedure...

    And I'm so sorry if I could not write what I wanted to say in my previous post...

    And we all waiting for your procedure...Best regards ,,,,
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    To be honest I'm not sure how MNSTR reversed things. We cleared my machine and then he walked me through it over IM. He asked that I clear the files and not share them, which I have done.
    I wish I could tell you more about how this worked, but I'm very very new to this, and was just following his instructions.
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    This guy is GREAT!. helped me restore my treo, spending about 1 hour with me to do so!!!! Believe me, this guy is for real.

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    could anybody send me this file to my email? i canīt find this one in kazaa and i have the same problem

    thanks a lot

    my email
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    I hope you can email me a copy at this address. I really need it.

    Thank you.
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    I could use some help reversing the process myself...tried installing patch today with the locking up error after 30 seconds of phone usage. Anybody help? Thanks a million!
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    worked just beautifly!! your a great man! thanks
    and dont worry, i deleted the program right when i found out it worked!
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    MNSTR could you also please send me the necessary files. Same problems as above
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    Not sure this guy is for real
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    i gotta admit...i had doubt at the beginning, even ran virus scan on the file. everything was smooth, almost like this guy is free tech support from handspring! thanks alot MNSTR, your a life saver!
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