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    Originally posted by johnlstuart
    Not sure this guy is for real
    Believe me he's for real. He's one of these rare people who help other people with the same problem without asking for anything in return.

    If he didn't already have a job Handspring should employ him :-)

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    Thank you for all your help.

    I hope everyone who wrote bad things about the guy would lighten up. He has helped a lot of people in this thread. If you cannot contact him right away, give him some time to contact you . . . we all have lives right?

    If for some reason, he has not posted the whatever files, believe me he has a REASON. . .

    Be patient as I was patient. . . my phone died for over two weeks and he gave me a way out . . .

    For that MNSTR, i am greatful !!!!
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    error (greatful!) . . . .I am grateful !!!!
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    pls email me the files to

    really need help. no phone reception. thanks.
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    Can I have a copy of the GPRS
    Thank you!
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    I installed the first patch with no problems. But will I be able to update to the US version once released officially? Or should I reverse the patch ????


    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    MNSTR is the real deal....

    He spent about an hour with me yesterday and got my Treo up and running after the failed GPRS patch. Best of all I now have GPRS running...

    Thanks again MNSTR for all your help..and paitience
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    I installed GPRS upgrade ver. 1.1 last Oct 02. today, Oct 15 my phone went dead. All other programs are working except the phone.

    I tried soft and hard reset, even reinstalling the GPRS upgrade, still not working. Is it a hardware problem? Please advice best posible action.
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    I had a similar problem yesterday and was able to fix it by reading the posts in this venue (I love this place). I did a search for "radio reset" and read all of the posts which came up. The solution (for me anyway) was to let the battery run down COMPLETELY (to the point that everything is wiped out down to your ROM) and then restore everything. Of course this will only work if you've backed everything up lately (which I'm guessing all of us do all the time). This morning I powered up and the phone was working again.

    Did I mention I love this Discussion group?
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    I can't seem to find the files needed to reverse the GPRS patch. Can any one make it available online.

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    I'll throw my hat in the ring.

    I really want to have the ability to rollback the GPRS update and reset the radio.

    Radio Reset!

    Please? Anyone can send me the program???

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    its not really a "rollback" but a different version of the gprs patch. just install the latest (1.1 i think?) because the version sent to me ended up not working like i wanted it to. the new 1.1 version works beautifly.
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    Can anyone send me copy of that "beta" gprs patch, aka GPRS ? Thanks.
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    I think you're about two and a half years too late
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    I think that you didn't understand my question
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    hey guys, this maybe a "jurrasic" request...i need help to restore the phone functions on my treo270. GPRS upgrade failed and my radio is dead. i hope MNSTR or the guys he helped might be able to help me too.. pleaaaasse.
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