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    Hey, I have a question for all the Sprint wizards here-

    I've been a Sprint customer for a few years, but have been very frustrated with all the dropped calls on my Samsung 8500. I was planning to try out T-Mobile & pick up a Treo 270 when I ran across the 300 in stock at Circuit City. I decided to give Vision a try, and see if the new network plus a new phone might fix things. I got a Treo 300 for $499 with a $100 rebate- total $399.

    The rebate print out from CC says the offer requires new phone purchase and new contract agreement, and asks for the new wireless phone numbers issued by Sprint.

    My question is, can I expect to get the $100? I don't have an annual contract now, just an old month-to-month agreement. Should I cancel that out, and then sign up from scratch, or will it even make a difference?

    Thanks in advance!

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    I'm pretty sure that you just need to get a new number....don't need to cancel the old one unless you want to. (Obviously, the Treo will be on the new number, not the old one). But, just to be sure, you might want to call SprintPCS (no) customer service, wait on hold for about an hour, and ask them.
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    I manage a radio shack in houston. since it's a ciruit city rebate it might be different. But as far as i see it you won't be eligible for the rebate. We @ RS don't offer a $100 rebate on the treo's ... so it might be different.

    the only way to recieve the rebate is to acivate it on a new number. You do have a few options like you said cancel your existing account. The prblem with that is you'll get a new number. You stated that you've been with them for years and in those years i'm sure you've given your number out to a ton of people. Many of your firneds might lose contact with you. It's a big hassle. Dropping existing accounts to get new service is also called churn. ( think that's how it's spelled) and Cell companies realy don't like that. They rather you open a new account. they casue their own problem because most people are forced to cancel service because of the better deals avaible for new customers... Yes that's pretty lame...

    If I were you I would raise your voice.. and ask to speak to the Retention department at Sprint. I'm always shocked at the deals the give customers to keep them active... HINT tell them you prolly go to another company. They give you more stuff. I recently spoke to them for my own service. I was gogin to cancel my sister service and put her on add a phone account. The sprint person offered to give my sister free service only pay for tax... I said well since you throwing stuff at us. can you give her free access unitl November when she comes home for thanksgiving.!!! She said ok fine no problem... hehe...

    Anyway complain a little. and you might not recieve $100 but you mgiht recieve $100 of service...

    good luck
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    I am very sorry to tell you but if you read the fine print you will see that the treo 300 is NOT part of the rebate program

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