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    Would anyone want to take a guess at the % of Treo 270's that fail or will eventually fail with the backlight problem? Is it less than 1% or 50%? Handspring says it's very small percentage, but reading the posts, it seems like a very big problem. Perhaps we should request a replacement, before they fail? Like a car recall. Can you imagine, you're on an overseas trip and the damn thing fails. You're stuck. You may gave to wait 3 weeks to get back home to ship it and wait another 2 weeks to get the replacement. Sounds like a horror story to me.
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    You must remember the great principle of product failures, and public customer communication:

    There will always seem like a bigger percentage of problems than there actually are by reading what people have said in public about a product.

    People who have their product that is working fine, will most likely say nothing. They are the silent majority.

    Thus unfortunately, it is impossible to use a poll or anything on a site like this to gauge the actual percentage. Too many variables to taint the sample (i.e. people are more likely to respond to a poll if they have a problem, many people may never even visit a site like this unless they are searching for a solution to a problem, etc.)

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