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    Just discovered my wife's Treo has a slight illumination on the screen even when it's turned off. Mine doesn't. Both units are replacement units since early June.

    Is it possible her Treo's backlight will soon burn out? Hers is not as actively used as mine, maybe that's why the backlight is holding up. Please advise if you have the same experience? Thank you.
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    I don't have any illumination with the Treo turned off. Of course, I'm only on Day 3 with the 270 and it would be with, presumably, a recent production unit.
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    I noticed mine does glow in the dark. Strange....
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    It's not much...I've seen TV's, Computer Screens, even the screen on my MP3 player "Glow in the dark" after I turn it off...I think it has something to do with all the know the same reason why monitors, TVs, Handhelds and even my mp3 player get hot around the display after using it for an extended period of time...I don't think it is of much concern.
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    Hi Treo Rat,

    Does your wife's Treo still glow in the dark (or has it burned out)? My Treo has a beautiful blue glow which gets even brighter while it's charging. (It's something I only notice when the the lights are out in a room.) I was concerned that it was defective and would burn out, so Amazon sent me a new one. I've had both for a few days now. The new one is totally dark when it's turned off, but the screen never seems as bright as the one which glows, (and I've adjusted the brightness and contrast on the new one countless times). I'm not sure which one to keep--and nobody (not even Handspring) seems to have any answers as to why it glows.


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