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    Please help,

    I have just purchased a treo 300. I have a macintosh powerbook G4 and have recently installed OS X 10.2. Can I, and if I can, how do I sync my information on my powerbook with the treo 300. OS X 10.2 did not come with any palm software. What is this "missing sync" I have seen discussion on? The powerbook has an infrered part on it. Do I also need to download OS palm 4.O from the palm site? Any and all information would be much appreciated.


    Philip Eckart
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    There are 2-3 good threads on this subject (search).

    You can get MissingSynch at, but it's not officially for the 300 but many say it works.

    You can try serial cable and adaptor as well.

    I've been synching with my IR port on my's slow, but works. I'll stick with that until an official USB fix comes out.

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    do you mean palm OS 4.1 or Palm Desktop 4.0? Do not try to change the Treo's OS! This could seriously mess it up. Palm Desktop 4 for the mac works fine. You need to trash Palm OS updates higher than 3.5.2 in the Palm folder BEFORE syncing the first time.
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    Works flawless with serial cable.

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