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    It is a sad day... I returned my Treo 300 back to the Sprint store in which I bought it from 14 days ago. I'm going back to my Samsung I-300 until they get this 3G straightened out. I hope to return to the Treo 300 in the future, but by then some other cooler smartphones will be out... Loved the phone hated the Vision.
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    I too, recently upgraded to the Treo 300 from the Samsung
    I-300. I'm still split as whether or not to keep the Treo. My big complaint is that many of the PQAs which work flawlessly on the I-300 will not work on the Treo. There are numerous threads on the subject and I've tried some of the suggestions. But it still doesn't work the way it really should.
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    Agreed. Treo 300 is cool but Sprint PCS 3G is totally broken. Sprint tech support is clueless and can only be reached by telephone (no email or web interaction), which involves 45 minutes per call of hold time listening to the same perky marketing messages over and over again, in particular how great their web site is. 10 phone calls and 2.5 weeks later, I am no closer to having access to the data network. Sprint unfortunately rolled out 3G before it was ready.
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    I had to bail on my Treo 300 also. I gave CS and TS and retention every opportunity to keep me, but they didn't even try. After a dozen calls to *2 and the 800 (wait) number, I took the phone back to the store. They couldn't even activate my old phone at the store. Their service sucks...the website is down more often than up, and it takes a 30-60 minute call to do anything on the phone with them. Can you imagine the sh*t that is rolling downhill right now? Marketing and upper management is to blame. The commercials look very sharp, but their service and product is LAME. Signed, very unhappy with Sprint....and soon to be not even a customer of their 2G system....
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    add me to the list. 10 days of not being able to provision my data service and over 15 hours of working with their tier two had used up all of my patience. This was the best device I had seen on the market. I just wish I could use it with another carrier!
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    I got so fed up with my Vision services being dorked up and untrained tech support I dug through Sprint PCS' last Security Exchange filing for the President's phone number and called him.

    Charles E. Levine can be reached at 913-624-3000.

    Sopposedly, his assistant is Richard Layne and can be reached at 866.217.9236. He actually worked to esculate my problem, but it is still unresolved going into the thrid week. Sigh.
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    I have no service issues with my phone, however I can not get my old @sprintpcs email from my 2G... I can not get onto the vision side of sprints site to do anything...

    But I mean the phone works great... does everything I want... I am sure one day they will fix the problems... but I wouldn't return the phone!

    I mean it's sorta like cutting off your nose to spite your face.. Does anyone agree?
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    I'm sooooo disappointed with the 3G service right now. I've had my Treo activated for close to 5 days and still have no data. It's kinda depressing cause you get yourself siked up for nothing. I even renewed my agreement for 2 more years. I'd hate to leave Sprint but I'm not sure that this is the way they should reward people paying $500 for a awesome phone. They have to resolve these issues before the year is up cause from the looks of it, people gonna jump ship quicker than Leonardo DeCaprio in Titanic. The customer service have tried to help and pretend they know what their doing but it's all joke. My i300 is sitting in the corner looking at me with a smirk.
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    What if you just want to use the Treo 300 for normal cell phone service and as a palm pda and d-o-n-'t c-a-r-e about surfing the web or email for now?

    How is the p-h-o-n-e service?

    How is it as a palm pda?


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    For me now the Treo 300 is great. The phone service in my area (Atlanta) is good and I've used it in Nashville and Baltimore as well.

    I think my pleasure with the Treo 300 relates directly to my level of usage of the product. I use it to make calls, surf, send/receive e-mails and as a PDA for the apps I used to use on my Visor Prism. And that's it. I don't care about SMS and I don't care about PQAs at this point. So for me it does great.

    Good phone, good internet and good color PDA for me .
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    It functions very well as a phone and as a PDA. If that's what you're dishing out $500 for. I've spent a combined $1000 on my last two phones (Samsung i300 and Treo 300). I had a different level of expectations for each. The i300 went well beyond my expectations and the Treo is just one step away from doing the same. Unfortunately, its the most important aspect as to why I bought the Treo. I'm not ready to give up...yet.

    Anyway, Treo is great with or without web.
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    After fighting with the data aspect over the weekend, (see some other threads I started), data now works EVERY time for me. I'm guessing that maybe they were doing some network upgrades, changes, etc. Pretty much starting Tuesday morning, every data request worked fine. I'm batting a 1000. (or to use the correct baseball parlance: 1.000).
    So, I was pretty frustrated, and really getting pissed, and then all of a sudden, on Tuesday, things got great and have been great ever since. (I should note that I was always data provisioned from the start, and just had issues getting the data network to respond - any time I clicked any app that would access data, I would just wait and wait, and then get the 0x1102 error - data not available, busy, etc.) Now I never get that, from the exact same location. So, it's all good. Now. I just hope I haven't jinxed myself....
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    Clearly, the service was pushed out the door before before tech support and the network were ready to handle it. I ordered a phone on 8/13 and didn't get it until 8/24. Basically, they apologized saying the phone was picked and set up at the warehouse but, because it was a new service, they wanted to make sure they set it up correctly before sending it to me. A pain, yes but, for me, well worth it. Once activated, it worked--and has continued to work--like a charm.

    CS is darn slow, and many are just out to lunch as far as their knowledge and support of Vison. This, I believe is partly the organization and partly all you can expect from min-wage tier 1 support folk grappling with bleeding edge technology. However, I was fortunate to get a crackerjack CS Rep and she knew exactly what to do . Consequently, I'm a very happy camper and highly recommend Treo 300/Sprint. In fact, did so tonite at CompUSA.

    BTW, I've rarely experienced problems with their web site. I just changed my username...let's see in 4 hours if my luck/contentment continues!

    Best of luck, y'all
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    For me, phone and web connection are awesome. God forbid you should have a problem requiring Sprint's help though... tech support is horrendous.
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    For me, phone and web connection are awesome. God forbid you should have a problem requiring Sprint's help though... tech support is horrendous.
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    My treo 300 and sprint service seem pretty good. I was replacing an older palm of about the same dimensions and decided to upgrade function rather than get something smaller. So far it surfs pretty well, and gives me pretty good phone coverage. This is my first and only pocket phone. The only complaint besides nitpicking details in Handspring's implementation, is that AOL Instant Messenger does not work on mine. Sooner or later that will be fixed, I hope. Treo Mail works just fine.

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