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    Has everyone left for another phone?
    Or are you having such a good life with your 755p that you don't need to come back?
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    Looking back ...

    Damn, that 755p screen was frickin' small. And I can't believe I paid extra for third-party software to play mp3's in stereo via bluetooth head phones.
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    Still running two (wife and son) and still using palm desktop (the best PIM ever). Using blackberry myself and may migrate all to that some day.
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    Still have to 755p's sitting in a drawer (only because I haven't pulled the packages together to list one ebay).

    Current smartphone, however, is an HTC Droid Incredible. Couldn't manage without reliable activesync with Outlook exchange once I joined a firm with exchange.

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    I was just wondering where everyone went. My 755p will be 3 in January. My DH loves his iPhone (he's waiting for VZW to offer the iPhone 4) , but I have years and years of calendar data.

    The 755p does have a small screen, compared to the iPhone and iPhone-wannabes. I won't get a phone that runs Windoze (I'm a Mac-driven designer), and the Crackberry depends on TWO companies to run it.

    I'm glad I spent the money for Scrabble.... 8-)
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    I upgraded my wifes Centro to my spare 755p and I have a my 755p sitting dormat and moved over to Android and I have probably one of the few perfect working Samsung Moments. Its actually not a bad phone although it is now discontinued.

    With that being said - there are times I miss my 755p and some of the none duplicatable apps that are not yet available on Android - but I do like the Android system.

    I would have like to have moved to WebOS, but wish they had better hardware.
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    After years of trolling these forums, I too have finally taken the leap and put my 755p to rest. It was an amazing device (esp with my dependance on Datebk), but it was simply to tough not to move on even for this loyal Palm user. Got myself a BB Torch and I couldn't be happier. It actually kind of reminds me of a Treo (or what Treo could have been if they had kept making them). Thanks for all the great advice over the years!

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    long time treo user. I am thinking about switching but have not found anything that does what I want it to do.

    started a discussion here would welcome your thoughts and comments

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