When my data finally provisioned my user id was [userid]02. Somehow I went from 01 to 02.

Because of the Vision server upgrade that happened on Sunday night my id was switched back to 01. My phone was re-provisioned and data began to work again.


1. I can't log on to the Vision side of manage with [userid]01. I get a message that I must log on to manage using my phone number and change my Vision password.

2. When I log on using my phone number the user ID displayed in the banner is [userid]02 not [userid]01. So when I attempt to change my Vision password I am told this:

Password failed
The system failed to recognize your password, possibly due to a temporary technical reason. Please try again now or come back later.

I believe that the problem is that [userid]02 no longer exists on the Vision server.

I will call *2 on this, but since my last problem was solved here first I thought I'd give it a try here first.