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    Dear Handspring,

    I (and likely many other users) feel you should be extremely careful regarding your new "partner" Sprint.

    If you check the Treo300 / Sprint forum, you will see there is already talk of a Class Action Suit because of the very questionable business practices by Sprint PCS.

    Remember, when you lay with dogs, you will start to smell like one.

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    I don't like it when people whine. I like it even less when they do it in multiple forums.
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    just cause you're possessed by Snake's evil hair piece doesn't give you license to ***** about my *****ing....cause (FYI) I (and many others) have seriously just cause to ***** & whine.

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    Okay. Keep it to one forum please? That was my real beef. Everyone has a right to complain, but doing so over and over again in multiple places that the same people frequent seems like a needless headache. As for the hair, it's not Snake's. It's dimoxinil.
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    Fine where would *you* prefer i / we (ahem) complain / alert others to the (ahem) problems with Sprint?
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    I'd say the Sprint 300 forum. Thoughtful comments are always welcome in the appropriate forums. And I'd like to thank you for not making fun of my name in this post. :-)
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    But of course. This is not the Flame On thread and anyone who loves the Simpsons can't be all bad

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    But of course. This is not the Flame On thread and anyone who loves the Simpsons can't be all bad
    Okay, I thought I made huge mistake becaues this is the sprint forum, but the thread was moved. Phew. :-)

    Now, if only we can send the season 1 and 2 dvds to Iraq and Washington the world would be a happier place.

    Um, I should probably say something here to keep it on topic.....

    If you are having problems with Sprint, give it a while. Voicestream data had been shaky for a while, but now it works like a charm. Perhaps Sprint will do the same. Moreover, don't underestimate the power of the market in this case. Sprint is clearly marketting to big business and they won't put up with spotty service or any of the other complaints I've seen voiced here. Leave the arm twisting to them. I assure you they can twist it a lot farther.

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