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    I need to find out how to power/charge a Centro from a USB "power" port. I have the USB sync power combination cord. It powers the phone fine when conected to a computer.

    But when i plug it into a USB "power" port it's a no go. By power port I mean a usb plug that just sup lies power. It is not hooked up to a computer or anything other then power. Like you find in some cars. And are on some power plugs to go into a lighter.

    I am asuming i will need to modify the sync cable or make an adapter. I'm guessing i need to either connect some of the wires to other wire, or send voltage down a data point to trigger the phone to see" the power.

    I have tested the USB cable when powered off a on computer and plugged into the centro. Black is Neg. Red is +5 volts. Wire next to red one (green on my cable) is 2.5 volts when tested by touching green and red wire with the voltage meter. I'm assuming the 2.5 volts triggers the phone to start to charge. In fact once the unit is charging off the computer though a powered port. I can turn the computer off, and as long as the hup it is plugged into is powered, and the phone stays connected it will keep charging.

    Hopefully you get what I'm talking about.

    Has anyone done this? What did you do?

    I need this as we have different phones in the family so we put USB power plugs in all the cars, and use USB cables to power the phones and other toys. The only phone i can't get to work is the centro. I know i can get a car charger, and that is what I'm using, but getting a usb sync/power to work, would make like easier.

    Thank for your help.
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    Ive never tried the USB/cigar lighter combo.. actually never thought of it..

    I remember I had issues with charging the phone with the usb cable if i didnt have Sync manager running in the background. Id have to try this out and confirm, but maybe that could be a possibility.

    Ill try my own USB to lighter setup and see if i get any results
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    Provided that your USB power source can supply 1A (1 Ampere) it will work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johncc View Post
    Provided that your USB power source can supply 1A (1 Ampere) it will work.
    What usb source? Computer or cigarette lighter??? What will work????

    The point/issue of my thread is that connecting the usb sync/charger cable to a usb power only source (like a cigarette lighter plug) does not work. The phone needs a trigger to put it in charge.

    Unless you know something I do not. Can you share what works and how you got it to work????????
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    No answers. But to put to rest that 1A will work, I just tried it on three different 1A adapters (one was a USB auto plug, going in to an auto socket-to-A/C adapter). Who woulda thunk it? USB-to-A/C adapters work for all the other devices I've tried.

    I recalled why I never tried A/C adapters before: those two-pronged Centro sync cables fit way too tight in my Centro (tried three different ones), such that I am always worried about breaking the Centro when I yank out the sync cable, with all the force that requires.
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    I wouldn't think you would have problems. I know when I plug my centro into the USB port in my car, the power light comes on and the battery charge indicator also appears. So I don't think the centro care about whether you are connected to a computer or not.

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