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    My Treo 270 froze on the GPRS update, would someone be so nice to mail me a clean ROM.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sent you an email with some instructions.

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    I am seriously considering applying the new patch, but before I do, I would like to have the ROM to apply. Does anyone have the Treo 270 Rom and instructions for applying it if the upgrade goes awry?

    Thanks so much
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    Dear eamler,

    Can you send me one too . . .

    I also had a problem with the installation . . .

    Thank you
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    I could use a copy of the original ROM too <sigh>.


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    Please send me one!

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    Can i have a copy of the rom and instruction also?
    my treo 270 is frozen after upgrade....

    Thank you very much!
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    Could you please send me a clean rom as well... My Treo keeps locking up after update... Thank you
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    Can i have a copy of the rom and instruction also?
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    Hi Eamler,
    One for me too.
    My id is
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    can i also have a copy?
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    I'm not sure if roms can be replaced. but you can ask your local distributor for help, if your treo is in warranty, they may help you.
    and i wonder how can you replace the rom with a new one if your treo is frozen?
  13. kch
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    please send it to me as well

    Thank you.
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    Could someone send me a clean ROM copy?

    Thanks alot...
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    could I have a copy of rom image as well as some instruction how to restore it - my treo 180 powers on, shows palm logo and blinking square at top left corner....nothing else - that's after unsuccesful rom upgrade

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