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    I have been a Sprint user for over 7 months...had a Samsung I-300 before my new Treo 300. I am so tired of not be able to log into the Sprint PCS Vision Website. The Sprint PCS website has got to be the slowest loading site I have ever used... Overall I'm disappointed with my Sprint Vision experience so far! Love my Treo 300, hate my new Vision!
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    Without a doubt, their web site sucks. Ive been with Sprint for years and I used to use sprintmail alot when I used a Neopoint 2G web phone. However, I gave up on them because the site is down more than its up. When was the last "weekend update"? I think the 17th. Two weeks later- no sprint mail. They actualy expect people to use their email service when its completely unreliable. Incredible. And yes, the web site is very slow.
    Whoever runs their web site should be fired.
    And something worse for whoever invented Clair.
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    they should be investigated by the DOJ.

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    Originally posted by DC2light
    they should be investigated by the DOJ.

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    Dude, 'probable cause' is SO September 10th.

    --invention is the mother of necessity
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    whatever the hell that means...
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    Same Here.

    I got so fed up with my Vision services being dorked up and untrained tech support I dug through Sprint PCS' last Security Exchange filing for the President's phone number and called him.

    Charles E. Levine can be reached at 913-624-3000.

    Supposedly, his assistant is Richard Layne and can be reached at 866.217.9236. He actually worked to esculate my problem, but it is still unresolved going into the thrid week. Sigh.

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