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    I was in the Sprint Store on Friday and I in talking to a sales person, I found out that they will be having an Unlimited plan for $99. Which will not count against any minutes on your plan and will allow you to download as much data as you'd like. This was a concern for me as I have a friend with Verizon's Express Network and he downloads about 250mb a month on his phone. I was thinking if I was to do that on sprint I'd have to pay 230mb at the per K rate, which is insane...

    (sorry if this is a repost, I looked down the list and didn't really see anything on it...)
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    wow, that is a lot of money.
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    Yeah, Too much cash. Boo, Sprint!

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    Actually the $99 price point for unlimited data would be in line with what Verizon charges for their unlimited data.
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    It's understandable that the carriers are concerned about a glut of data traffic on their network, but I don't think high prices is the way to go.

    Hourly meg limits are one way to avoid curb data hogs; I'm sure there are others.

    $40 for unlimited access is competitive and enough to disuade casual Treo web servers. I'll pay that.


    ps Sprint? You out there? Where's my SMS and unlimited access? So much for third generation!
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    That's the going price ($99) on Verizon for unlimited 3G data, so possibly Sprint is taking its pricing from them.
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    But doen't the Blackberry offer all you can eat date for $40.

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    i currently have a business plan on my treo for 119.00 which gives me 2000 minutes airtime and 20meg data. i think haveing a 99.00 unlimited plan would be great!! hope it gets here soon ive had my treo for about a week and im concerned about the data that i will be using

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    I'm not sure you can compare the blackberry's unlimited data to the treo...

    The blackberry is text only right? The amount of data in an unlimited blackberry plan will probably be a lot less than the same on a Treo...
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    It's unlimited right now at least. According to the SprintPCS sales rep, if you signed up for the PCS Vision plan, and signed up for the 3 month free promotion, you're allowed unlimited data for the those three months. I've probably transferred nearly 100MB in the past month, knowing that I have unlimited data for now.

    You should verify this w/ your plan before going crazy w/ the data access.
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    sprint's new $10 unlimited deal is alot better, huh?
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    >99.00 would be great

    Hello no!

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    Sorry, but I'm lost. Sprint just rolled out unlimited data plans starting at 59.99 or something like that. You get so many anytime mins, free night and weekend mins, and UNLIMITED data. What makes this 99.99 deal so good if all it is is unlimited data and you can get that and mins cheaper?
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    What makes this 99.99 deal so good if all it is is unlimited data and you can get that and mins cheaper?
    That's the point: UNLIMITED data for $10/month is way better than unlimited data for $99/month.

    Thank you, Sprint. I withdraw my "boo" and replace it with applause.

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    Sorry but the $10 unlimited Vision add-on is only for Vision compatible phones. There is a legal clause on the plans that says the $10 unlimited Vision add-on was not meant for using the phone as a wireless laptop modem and that if you abuse it in such a way, Sprint has the right to terminate service without notice. Whether they can track data in that way remains to be seen though. Also, if you need wireless data access for your laptop from Vision, Sprint has specifically released the Aircards for this purpose and sells the data by the meg or unlimited for $99/month for those cards.
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    I am reinstating my 'boo' against Sprint. $99/month Air Cards sux! Hey, Sprint, you were on roll. Hook us up with cheap access.


    ps this site looks great on the Treo.
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    Ah, so the $99 unlimited is for the aircard and using the Treo as a wireless modem type stuff... Got it now.

    Sorry for the confusion.

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    Originally posted by NCTreo300
    Ah, so the $99 unlimited is for the aircard and using the Treo as a wireless modem type stuff... Got it now.

    Sorry for the confusion.

    Well, you can't use the Treo as a wireless modem with your (windows) laptop, its just not possible at this moment. However, even if you could I am not so sure you could even get Sprint to link the $99 unlimited data plan to a Treo. The $99 plan seems strictly for the Aircards. $10 unlimited Vision is what the Treo and all other Vision phones qualify for, you just aren't suppose to use them at all for laptop access (although I'm sure occassional use is fine). If you want Vision access on your laptop, it appears Sprint wants you to purchase an Aircard with a corresponding plan. Yes, I know, not the ideal situation...

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