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    Here's a thought: the Treo 270 power connector doubles as a hotsync port, as it does on other Handsprings and, I presume, on other PalmOS devices. That means it's an I/O port, right? If so, that might mean that you can, in theory, have a device similar to Kodak's PalmPix that communicates with the Palm thru that port. If so, the Treo can have things like Bluetooth or WiFi options, communicating thru that Hotsync/power connector.

    Comments, especially from those more familiar with the engineering aspects?
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    I actually posted a similar thread in the Treo 270 section entitled "Treo and expansion slots", but I think you beat me to it with this thread.

    The Compaq Ipaq has expansion sleeves since earlier versions didn't have SD slots. The sleeve connected to the port on the bottom and provided one SD slot. I believe that something similar could be assembled, but I just don't have the know how nor the resources.

    Oh well. Maybe a company is already working on it.

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