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    is there any place where I can find cool ringtones for the Treo 300

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    Not sure if any are out yet. Ringo is "working on them." I thought I found a site that had some for the Treo 300, but you also had to pull down Monkeytones (or something). I'll try and find that link and re-post under here.

    Note: I didn't try the ring tones, so if something goes haywire, don't blame me ...

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    Here's the link that will direct you to someone who has ringtones for the Treo 300... Again, try at own risk, but let us know how it goes...

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    Sorry, as I reviewed the link, it didn't say anything about supporting Treo 300...but I knew I saw that somewhere... Here's the text from for the same software (please note it says now supports Treo 300)... released a new product for Handspring Treo - Treo ringtone collection. This collection contains over 700 ringtones separated on 14 categories: Films and TV, Pop Music, Beatles, Classical Music, 70's Music, National Anthems, RAP Music, Rock and Metal, Bollywood (Indian), Christmas/New Year, Chinese Music, Japanese Music, St. Patrick's Day, Metallica Collection. The full version costs USD $9.95.

    In this collection you can find over 700 ringtones for your Handspring Treo!

    Available collections:

    Films And TV - 50 ringtones
    Pop Music - 50 ringtones
    Beatles - 50 ringtones
    Classical Music - 50 ringtones
    70's Music - 50 ringtones
    National Anthems - 50+ ringtones
    RAP Music - 50 ringtones
    Rock and Metal - 50 ringtones
    Bollywood (Indian) - 50 ringtones
    Christmas / New year - 50 ringtones
    Chinese Music - 50 ringtones
    Japanese Music - 50 ringtones
    St Patrick Day - 50 ringtones
    Metallica Collection - 50 ringtones

    * Tones are composed, installed directly from your Treo.
    * You can store thousands of ringtones on your handheld. Play, edit or archive your ringtones with a few taps
    * You can beam ringtones from Treo to Treo, and share your creations with friends. You can install ringtones on your Treo, or on your friends Treo, over SMS!
    * You can insert ringtone's recipients from number directly from your Palm address book.
    * The full featured tone composition module lets you compose your tone on a virtual keyboard, change octave, key
    * Demo is limited to 10 ringtones, Full version contains 700 ringtones!
    * Now supports Treo 300
    * Only USD 9.95

    MonkeyRinger for Treo is required to use these ringtones. Get it for $6.95 only!
    Get it from
    Requirements:Handspring Treo and MonkeyRinger

    Compatible Devices/Operating System: Handspring Treo

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    has anyone gotten this to work, the ringtone collection says *now supports treo 300, but the ringtone managers do not.... the ringtone collection says it requires a ringtone manager... ringo,ring tc, monkeytones etc.. but I dont think any of them support the 300

    anyone been able to gt them to work????


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