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    What software are you using to manage files and applications on the extended memory card? I found Filecaddy which is free and seems to work okay on my Sandisk MMC card. What else is being used?
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    FileMan. Home page = . Super-easy to use, speedy, and stable. Love it. 7 day trial. $10 to register. If you decide not to keep it, there's no hassle with the card. Just switch to another manager and you'll see everything remains as you left it. I tried some freebies, but this best met my desire for intuitiveness, minimal taps per command, and overall speed.

    BTW, be sure to tap the far right down arrow, which switches views to Date, Size, creator ID, etc. Tap the word itself [date, size, etc] to sort the filenames. Regardless of option selected, I find it super-handy to be able to see the program icon per file. Nice touch by the developer.

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