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    There's a program called Maxtext, available at
    That supports 1000 char sms messages, sending as well as receiving, etc. They're talking about a version for the Treo 300. It may be useful to email them on your interest level to encourage them to do a version for us.
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    Okay.. I emailed them. :-)

    Hope they come through!
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    have you tried the 270 version on the 300?
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    THe reply came back that they were now in talks with Treo and Sprint about it
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    Here is the reply I got from maxTEXT when I inquired about thier software working on the 300.

    Shortly answered - yes the Treo-Line-maxTEXT-Versions are in the making (180, 180g, 270)...

    ..just the special Sprint Treo 300 is still subject of discussion over here at moment - so at moment I cannot give you milestones for announcement-dates or relase-dates.

    If you are interested in the background details - continue reading:

    maxTEXT is at this stage a SMS-messaging agent running on PalmOS-Devices talking to _separate_ mobile phones via the Infrared port.

    A multitude of infrared-enabled mobiles from Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola or Siemens are supported by maxTEXT without the need of any additional drivers.

    The Treo 300 does not have the needed internal phone-hardware for sending native SMS and the Sprint PCS network doesn't support native SMS. Thats the problem for all Treo 300 users at moment which software like maxTEXT, nor the existing settings in it can solve.

    Based on the great feedback from the Treo community in the last 2 weeks.

    In the first weeks we were out with version 1.2 - lots of TREO users gave us feedback they would like to see and run maxTEXT on their device.
    We just recently decided to have this on our Near Activities + Development-ToDo-List.

    The upcoming version 1.3 is planned to support the GSM TREOs 180 and 270 - as these devices support native GSM network short messages (SMS) by the built-in hardware and the next major maxTEXT version will be out around October/November 2002 - that varies a bit on handsprings support.

    The Treo 300 / Sprint PCS network doesnt have this native SMS support as Sprints network is not a standardized GSM network (compared to the worldwide operating like T-Mobile, Vodafone, Voicestream or Cingular etc. with over 720 million GSM subscribers around the planet these days).

    Sprint has implemented a different mobile system. So sadly on the Treo 300 - that doesnt use a GSM network - only Messages via Email are an option at this stage and a native SMS-solution via maxTEXT + a needed Gateway-Service for the TREO 300 is still subject of discussion over here.

    The Treo 300 hardware is not able to send direct SMS as the PCS network does not like those. Here _any_ native SMS software has a big problem.

    ODD: Even though their network doesnt transport GSM-SMS from mobile to mobile (or Palm-Combo-Phone) - Sprint has put lots of SMS-clients from into their Sprint-PalmOS online store - without filtering the multitude of native SMS software packages that arent supported by their net.

    Referring to the Treo 300 - thats bad news at moment.

    General Product Placement:
    maxTEXT is intended to develop to a multi-platform push-messaging-tool where SMS is just one of many bearers like GSM, GPRS, UMTS and even 802.11, so all those 2 1/2 Generation phone combos like TREOs are highly interesting to us as well as the palm+separate-phone model.

    I hope this could help you in your question.

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