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    hey dudes,

    I was wondering if there is any way to check my AOL mail on the Treo 300, or have my buddy lists going?

    My friend has a lite AOL program on his Treo 270 through Earthlink's wireless internet.

    Anyhoo.....I'm syncing through IR with a Mac, and I was wondering if this kind of program is avialable?

    Thanks a TON!

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    Yep, I have both AOL and AOL IM running on my Treo 300. They both work fine. Others have had issues with fatal errors or having to do a hard reset, but so far, not a problem with me.

    Let me get the addy's for the files for ya....:

    for anywhere AOL for Palm, click on the Palm VII link to download... You will need an AOL account...

    For Instant Messenger:

    Best of luck,
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    I downloaded the palm AOL. The problem is that it seems that it's trying to dial from a modem, it asked for local numbers. But shouldn't it just go through the Sprint 3g. It gives me an error that the serial port is in use. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?
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    Perhaps you have the Connection preferences set on something other than the wireless modem. From Home go into the Connection category and make sure that Wireless Modem is selected. Also go into the Network category and make sure your sprint vision service is selected.

    Also make sure that you are using this version of AIM...

    Hope that helps

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    Hi, thanks for the hints. I went to connection preference and it was set to wireless. Then I went to network and for service it says Sprint- (then my username). Is it supposed to say Sprint Vision? Anyway it still doesn't work. Anything else I can try?
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    the aol palm application cannot use the 3G service, you have to let it dial in... Be sure the 3g connection is terminated, there should not be the duak arrow icon by the signal strength meter, you can stop the 3g connection eithe in blazer or netweork prefrences, just select disconect from network..... Then the aol palm app will dial in and work fine, If you want to use the 3g to check aol email, you have to use the aol for palm Vii PQA... inorder to use this though you have to install web clipping software.... there are several threads on this board that explain how to do that.....
    lemme know if that helps

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    OK I installed the VII version of Palm for AOL and it says I need to have web clipping installed just like you said. What I'm wondering now is which way would be the best; go ahead and install the web clipping program (which I don't know which one to use) or go with your other choice of disconnecting from the 3G connection and let it dial into AOL? Would there be a difference in what the site would look like? And also would I have to pay a surcharge if I dial in? Thanks for helping me, people on this board seem to know more than the sprint techs.
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    I know for sure that if you don't have an unlimited aol account AOL will charge you .02 a minute if you dial in. Not sure how sprint would charge you.
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    the aol palm software has more features, filing cabinet, buddy list etc.... so I use that one..... not sure how sprint charges... if you have an unlimited aol account its included, I believe it counts as normal minute usage....... The webcliping software that works can be found on this message board.... search for web clipping or fo aol... there are several threads and a link to a web site... I would post it here, but I'm on my laptop on the road and cant find it right now... let me know if you cant find it and I will try to post it for ya...

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    The AOL dial up program for PDA's is a more full featured version, however I don't know how sprint would charge you for the dial up time. I am with cingular and they would charge me .35 cents per minute when ever I dialed AOL. The system sees it as a data call and it did not come out of my pooled minutes. I went to the PQA web clipping and it is much quicker and I no longer get charged the extra minutes airtime.
    If I were you I would use the PQA because you have an always on connection....

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