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    What software do you recommend to push e-mail to the Treo without having a PC connected to the internet?
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    TreoMail works pretty well, as well as Corsoft's Aileron (although it's not technically "push", it can be set up to pull as often as every 5 minutes, if you like). And, if you don't care whether the email is still waiting to be pulled down by your PC as well as the Treo, you can just forward your email (from Yahoo, corporate, whatever) to your Treo.

    Check out the other threads on email (lots of 'em on this board)...many different issues to think about.
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    I believe Treo Mail requires a connection, no?
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    According to Treo Mail's website, Treo Mail corporate edition requires the computer to be on and connected to the internet. I guess they have internet mail, too, but so does everybody under the sun.

    That's the big myth of the Treo -- it is no more of an email device than any other mobile device with an internet connection.
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    I guess I disagree with masonuc. TreoMail can pull down from the Corporate site (granted, it must be a pop3, or have a PC running). But, it can also pull from any other pop3 account, and then push it to the Treo. And, with Corsoft's Aileron, I get my corporate email, and three other pop3 email accounts pulled every 5 minutes, if I want. I get the entire email, and can get attachments as well, if i want. Not sure there are many other services/devices that can do that, and FAST!
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    sbcrair - How do you tell Aileron how often to pull eMail. The user manual on their site doesn't mention this. Thanks.

    - Marc
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    Go to Options/Preferences menu. Make sure Timed Access is Armed. When you touch the Armed button, dialog box pops up that allows you to set the days of the week, as well as times and how often it pulls email. Then, click OK twice, and then touch on the clock at the top of the Aileron screen - should have a check mark through it. If no check mark, then won't pull email. That's it!

    BTW, there is a beta patch that tech support at Aileron can send you...the current version disconnects you from the data network after pulling email (they're used to circuit switched). You should have version 4.0.06 as the latest (although beta) version. This will NOT disconnect you after sending email.

    Good luck!
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