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    Hi all. I've usually gotten good help from these forums and hoping for it again. I've had my Palm Centro for almost two years and love it. So much in fact that I've already replaced the keyboard and the housing to keep ahold of it. I'd switch to a Palm Pre if it had a microSD slot but sadly it doesn't and Palm seems to be on their way down so I want to make this phone last as long as it can.

    At first, the touch screen wouldn't click anywhere near where I put the pen, even after re-calibrating the screen. Then it slowly got to where it just wouldn't work. I had bought a new touch screen off of ebay (not the whole LCD assembly) because my screen was scratched. As a lot of you may know, it wasn't the actually screen that was scratched, but the plastic protector so I didn't end up using the screen so I had this on hand. I installed it, having to pry it away using a knife, and still the same issue!

    I'm scared... I now have a phone that has to be completely operated with the keys and currently it's stuck in the calibration screen. I have tried hard resets and verifying all the cables and still nothing.

    In summary, touch screen doesn't work. I have tried..
    • Performing a hard reset
    • Replacing the digitizer
    • Verifying all ribbon connectors

    So should I call it hosed or try spending $15 for a new LCD assembly only for that not to work which could be possible. Anything I can do..? I love this phone and I'm not ready to say goodbye... it's my sweetheart. D:
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    It may be as simple as a little something stuck between the case and the screen. Could be dirt, lint, or your screen protector. Happened to me when I replaced a touchscreen last year. Everything went smoothly, but it didn't work. I cleaned between the case and the screen and I was a very happy user. Hope this works for you too.
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    I removed the screen and cleaned it and even pried up the digitizer again and cleaned between the two screens. I put it back together and it still goes from lower right corner to upper left corner again and again. It makes sense that it's reading another lint or dust but I just don't see any. I even removed the screen protector (I don't have the plastic piece anymore but it's worked without it before) so that there is nothing between the case and the digitizer. I'm at a loss...

    Thanks for your help... I thought it really was going to work...
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    Palm seems to be on their way down so I want to make this phone last as long as it can.

    (Rush's Response)
    That's not true.. I guess you've been off the forum for a long time. (If you have insurance on your phone > you'll still be able to get back the same phone) hopefully.
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    When was the last Palm OS phone you saw? Palm Pre doesn't have a microsd slot and it doesn't run Palm. Neither does the Pixi... so that takes them out as options for me since I have a 16 GB card.

    As for insurance, since i've replaced the whole casing and keyboard and now touchscreen... it doesn't apply. I've been with Sprint for 10 years and currently out of contract so I hope I can make them a deal for a Samsung Intercept, which seems to be the Palm Centro equivalent right now with a similar feature set. I'll miss my Resco apps though..

    Well I got it out of the calibration screen by holding the power button after pulling the battery and it came up with configuration and I just hit done So at least I can somewhat use the phone until I get something else.
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    Maybe you could backup your phone onto your sd and purchase another centro off ebay or craigslist.
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    I sold it and got a Palm Pre =D Got $1.25 for it on eBay But... I got the Palm Pre with an extended battery for $90 ^_^

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