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    I've been looking around at the info on the web for the Treo 300, sounds like it's almost exactly what I've been waiting for except I wasn't able to determine from the brochures etc. whether you can record voice memos. Also, whether you can record the active phone conversation.
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    Nope to both questions.
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    Voice memo's would be so kewl. had it on the sphi300 and loved it.
    perhaps using voice mail is the answer?

    can a palm app be used to do this? anyone? bueller? anyone?
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    I'm really surprised. It seems like they thought of everything else, let's see there's a microphone, a nice chunk of RAM, with a little software it should be easy. Hopefully some nice third party will develop something, not a programmer myself but here's my feature request:
    - Ability to program any button as record button
    - when I'm on the phone it should record the phone conversation, with the audible beep as required by law of course.
    - when not on call one click, tap, or push of a button should start recording, the same button should stop recording.
    - Record, stop, play, ff, rew should be allowed/enabled with lid closed.
    - ability to organize recordings in some heirarchical file structure.
    - ability to send recording as email, IM, etc.

    I had another question, can you program any button to answer the phone, can you answer it with the lid closed (one drawback with flip phones...)? I see the button with the phone icon on it but I wasn't sure if this was for the app or to answer the phone. Plus it looked like this button was covered when the treo was in the holster. It would be cool to have it in the holster, use a wireless headset from Jaba and just push a button to answer. Which leads to another question, does it support bluetooth or do I need the adaptor to use the Jaba headset?

    Thanks for your feedback.

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    You don't need to open the lid to either make a call or answer a call (if you have a headset). As long as you have the right headset (not a standard 2.5mm jack - the one that comes with the Sprint Treo works just fine), you can answer the phone by pushing the little button on the mike. Look for a headset with three (not two) black bands on the jack. I have used a Jabra version, as well as several others. If you find one for the Nokia 8200 series (they call the jack a "4 barrel"), that should work fine. I have found them at CompUSA, and other stores, as well.

    To make a call without opening the lid you can use the speeddial lists, and the jogdial to move through them and activate the call.

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