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    And yeah, i posted this in the 300 forum too, so if you read it there, then don't bother rereading it...

    So I'm now the proud owner of a 270 on voicestream and a 300 on sprint, and i get a measely three days (thanks voicestream) to compare them head to head and decide whose service is better.

    First impressions (havent taken the 270 outside my home yet):

    Voicestream signal is much better inside my home (3-4 bars) compared to sprint (1-2) bars. Voicestream sound quality seems better...other person sounded very clear, whereas in my sprint conversations, the other person often comes in choppy, little silences here and there, and there are little blips of other conversations. I've had the 300 for more than a week now, and have taken it quite a few places with pretty much the same is rarely above 2 bars...and for some reason it likes to jump...will show 4 bars one second, and 0 the next, then 2, and hover between 1 and 2. Very bizarre, i dont really understand how the signal can jump from full strength to no strength within seconds...

    The polyphonic ringer on the 300 is nice...and it will be very nice once Ringo or TC Ringer is updated to support it.

    300's screen seems to be smoother, i.e. dragging the stylus is wonderful, it just slides...the 270 has a stickier screen, doesnt slide as well, somewhat annoying.

    300 displays time on top in the phone application, while the 270 simply displays the service provider.

    And of course the differences that everyone's aware of, which i havent gotten a chance to try yet...high speed data access on the 300 vs. dialup only on the 270 and limited SMS on the 300 vs full SMS on the 270.

    I'm gonna try to check that out, and am going to take them both into the city (chicago) tomorrow and saturday, which should prove interesting.
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    I have had the 270 on Voicestream since the 270 was first released. When Sprint released Vision a couple of weeks ago, I purchased a 300 to see if I liked it better.

    My initial working assumption is that I would get better coverage with the 300, albeit losing the international roaming that I do use on the 270.

    Here are my unscientific findings:

    Signal Strength:

    I am in the Boston area in a very close in Suburb. In my house a Verizon phone will max (5 bars) signal strength. The Voicestream service gets a solid 3 to 4 bars. The 300 got 0 to 1 bar. EVen in the Sprint store about 6 miles from my house, my 270 got 5 bars while the 300 got only 3.

    I traveled to NYC the day after I got the phone. In the NYC, the Voicestream 270 had consistently stronger signal strength. In my hotel room in mid-town I could not use the 300, no signal and I could easily use my 270.

    I never found the Sprint phone to have a consistent 3 bars or more. ALmost always, the phone was in the 1 to 2 bar range no matter where I traveled.

    Sound Quality:

    The 300 did seem like it had a wider range of loudness settings than the 270, but the sound quality both on my end on the landline end was much better on the 270. I am assuming that this is a network, not phone issue.

    Vision Service (2.5G)

    I found that the always on aspect worked great even where the signal strength was lacking. However, I was very dissapointed in the speed on 300. As a test, I went to Sprint store in NYC with both my 270 and 300 in hand. I opened the browser and starting downloading a number of non-cached pages. To be fair, I first dialed into the VS data network. The 270 was either equal to the "high speed" 300 on almost every page or very slightly slower. I repeated this test a lot of times and places over the 10 days I had the Sprint phone, and never got the high speed Sprint promised.

    Sprint Tech Support

    Given the poor performance of the 300, I called Sprint tech support a number oif times and they seemed clueless.

    Bottom Line

    I had intended to make the 300 my everyday phone and keep the 270 for International travel. Instead, I returned the 300, cancelled the Sprint service, and I am awaiting GPRS on the 270.
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    Did post one follow-up thread in the 300 forum, you can read it here:

    But yeah, i ended up choosing to go with Voicestream and the 270...returned the 300 today (took over an hour at the Sprint store...i dont think they could be any less competant, slow-moving, or understaffed if they tried...but anyway).

    Basically, what it came down to was signal strength (3-4 bars usually for voicestream vs 1-2 for sprint) and call sound quality (much clearer for voicestream vs lots of garbled speech and micro interruptions for sprint). In addition, i like the idea of being able to use dial-up on the 270 in case you run out of data, or are using too much...and with unlimited weekends (and unlimited nights for 5 bucks), you can actually afford to suft the internet on the damn thing. And finally, since its GSM and a only a one-year contract...i can move to AT&T or Cingular at the end of the one-year period, if i so desire. Couldn't really take the 300 anywhere else.

    So once i add the 5 mb data plan and unlimited nights, my bill will be 65 a month...higher than i'd like, but in line with what i'd pay at sprint.

    Unfortunately, even though i just got the thing and the problem was supposedly fixed, i have the feeling (ominous premonition?) that the backlight is going to go out on me. The screen on my 270 looked different from the one on the 300 (270 was warmer, 300 was cooler) and i recall reading that people said their new fixed 270 screens looked exactly the same as the 300's.

    In addition, and i dont know if this warrants a return to handspring or not...but my flip lid is a bit too loose for my liking...i can push it to the left or right.

    Do have the rattling sound, but have determined that it is the metal thing on the top left of the Treo. And finally, I havent tried the headset yet...too scared to. Was that problem ever really resolved?

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    Originally posted by clogoodie
    . . . and i get a measely three days (thanks voicestream) to compare them head to head and decide whose service is better.
    Did Voicestream drop their 14 day return policy? What do you mean "measely 3 days?"

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    3 days within which you can cancel service (and return phone) and get a full refund without paying cancellation fees.

    It's been that way since i first started looking into Treos and service providers months ago. Talked to customer service a few days ago trying to get an extension, and they said, well our customers have said they need more time to decide, so we will be extending the policy to 14 days in the future...but for now, you're stuck. Sorry.
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    For anyone who may need it: There was a 48-or-so-hour delay in getting them to add international dialing to my plan, and I negotiated some time into that wait -with VS customer service- a 48-hour extension to the 72 hours. I had to call a couple of times to get someone that would grant the extension. Thanks to that I was able to test the service fairly well and decided to move to VS. Now I have a few weeks more to fully evaluate my 270.
    You may be right; I may be crazy. But, the Treo may be just the device I've been looking for.

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