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    Does anyone know if it is possible to have the message tone recur, whether it be for voicemail or sms? Sometimes I miss the tone and find myself opening the cover whenever I return to my phone. Any help?
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    Here is your solution, TreoAlertMgr, works great!
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    I purchased treoalertmgr. It works for missed phone calls but not missed SMS messages. Does anyone know how to fix? Additionally, I would like the alert to be louder and longer. I have set my preferences for loud, but would like to scrap my pager and need it to wake me up.
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    It should also work for SMS. Is does for me.
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    Perhaps you are using a older Treo 270/180 only version. Make sure that you are using atleast v 0.3 which is the first version that supported the 300.

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    Install v0.4 they have made the alert longer!

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