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    In the old days with my Palm m500 I could use the shortcut character (little squiggly thingy) followed by dts or ds to get a date-time-stamp or a date-stamp.

    I know there has to be a way to do this with the Treo 300. Can someone please post how. I suppose I should RTFM but I'm not the type.
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    Select the speed dial options. Click on an open speed dial button. Type blue - g to get the + symbol. Then select the list key (...0) and you'll have the option to select the ampersand (&). Type date after the ampersand. You can do the same for time. Now, when you power up your Treo, you have the date and/or time displayed in your speed dial buttons!

    Note: you have to choose an EMPTY speed dial button, and you have to put date and time on different buttons (can't just type "&date &time" on the same button). But, it does work!
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    Sorry...misread your posting.

    Here's how to do it (not as simple as before, though).

    type an "s", press the ListType button ("...0"). Press the down button enough times to get to the shortcut (at the bottom of the list), then just type ds, or ts, or dts, depending on whether you want date, time, or date and time stamp.

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