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    I am looking for a free image viewer for my new Treo. I just need something that will allow me to view JPGs or GIFs on my Treo. I searched around PalmGear and could not find anything.

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    I use JpegWatch or AcidImage to view JPG on my visor. I don't have a Treo, so I am not sure if they will work with Treo or not.
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    If you need other office apps, Docs to go contains this functionality. It is an expensive solution but it does a lot reliably and inbox to go with attachments increases it. If you like MS Office, this is the palm equivalent.
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    Handspring makes an image viewer, I'm pretty sure its free.
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    Thanks SammyTerry, I never would have thought to look on the HS site. Thier viewer is nice, but it resizes the image to fit the screen.

    Looking a little deeper I found Albums To Go on PalmGear . You have to sign up for ClubPhoto's service, but the Palm App looks to be very nice and it is free. It allows you to set up photo albums, resize or crop images if you want or view them full size and scroll around the image on you PDA.

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    How about FireViewer (from firepad--check out )?
    This has been great for me.
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    a plug for splashphoto ( Fireviewer is to top-heavy for me, HS's photoalbum is pretty poor. I don't know about the rest, they're probably fine, I haven't used them. general, SplashData makes some of the best stuff out there, I use their checkbook and pwd apps and like them a lot.
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    Originally posted by septimus
    a plug for splashphoto ( Fireviewer is to top-heavy for me, HS's photoalbum is pretty poor.
    I agree. I have no connection to Splashdata, and recently purchased Splashphoto ($10 special price). Did so after trying the free HS app (a pain to get pictures onto the Treo, and when I got there there, they didn't look great). I'm pleasantly surprised with how good the pix look with Splashdata on the Treo screen.
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    You can also use the treopicturecallerid from as a free picture viewer. The image viewer part and the associated window application (that can be used to move jpegs, gifs, pngs, bmps etc. to your palm) seems to work even when the product has expired.
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    FireViewer is very good!

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