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    I'd love to buy the Treo 300, and subscribe to Sprint, BUT - my email (office based) is through Novell Groupwise 5.5, and we don't have either Outlook or Lotus Notes on our system. Am I out of luck? My office manager says he could forward my email to our server's POP3 (or something like that - I'm a lawyer with no tech knowledge at all!). Could this solve the problem? Is there any third-party software which would allow me to take advantage of the Sprint system using the Treo? Would I be any better off looking at the 270? Any guidance will be much appreciated.
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    Handspring support list of conduits for all sorts of applications...

    GroupWise conduits for your needs are probably IntelliSync from Pumatech or SyncWise Pro from

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    My firm uses GroupWises 5.5 as well, yet the Treo 300 works well in this environment. I use Intellisync to synchronize the Treo 300 to GroupWise at my desktop (calendar, addresses, to do), and I use the POP3 version of Treo Mail to read my e-mail. I believe POP3 access to e-mail is built into GroupWise 5.5, so the POP3 access to your e-mail using Treo Mail shouldn't be a problem - your system administrator should be able to give you the details of the POP3 server address.

    The only limitation is that because GroupWise is not natively supported with the Treo, you won't be able to wirelessly sync your calendar, etc. However, for the basic functionality, the Treo works adequately with GroupWise.
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    Sync software is great but what do you do if you are on the road? I use iambic mail which seems to work pretty good so far with groupwise. I am using GW 6.0.2. I am still trying to get the GW PQA to work with the Treo and that would be great.

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    I'm using Intellisync with Groupwise 5.5 and having no problems syncing calendar and contacts. No email - I use pop for that, and tasks seem a little odd (it tends to resync them all every time). But it works.
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    If all you want to do is sync while you are sitting at your desk I would recommend Intellisync Gold.

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