i want to unbrand my unlocked cingular treo 650. i tried using CNG_to_ENA.zip but after attempting to update via sdcard i got "Error While Updating Rom" and it stopped.
i got a DL link for this file but so far i haven't found a working link for Cust_ENA.zip. the one i found @ 4shared dot com requires a password. does anybody know the password?

i do have some questions as well,
1-can i go from Treo650-1.04-CNG to Treo650-1.20-ENA? or what should i do first?
2-can i include the blazer version 1.20 and/or the Fastmode_Blazer

3-if i stay with current rom and i just strip it down, do i need to do an update? and if i do and use the palmone cng verson updater will it lock my unlocked 4n?

4-now my phone screen is not turning off when i press end call button neither automatically after alittle while. what is the solution for this.

5-i would like to remove Real Media Player. whats a good freeware alternative?

thanx in advance.