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    Does anyone else have this problem? If I go into the phone book app and try to edit voice mail button, I get a fatal exception error. At first I was thinking that I couldn't edit at all, but the other buttons seem ok.
    Chris Corbett
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    You can't edit the voicemail button. But I don't know why you are getting a fatal exeption error.
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    Not sure about fatal error and you can't edit the voicemail button ... but you can drag it out of the way to another page and make a new button.
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    Had saod probelm with my Treo300 today. THought it was my new app that I loaded (Treo Alrt Mgr), but I see from this thread that it's most likly not that app, just a glitch. I can edit any sped dial key, but if the "voice mail' one is lit and I hit the menu (shortcut key) and hit the "E" for edit, it gives the fatal alret, fatal exception and I have to reset. I have never seen this before, I assume I was editing the wrong way, I normal hit the "F" button and setlect the one I want, but I did it the above way and it crashed. Also I noticed if I tap the "voice mail" one when I am in the edit mode (were you can see all the buttons and they are black and white and you can seletct one) It does the same thing.
    Thanks, Matt Burkhard

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