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    Does anyone know when the first device will appear with OS 5.0 and when it does, what benefits will it bring?
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    Apparently the only benefits of OS 5 are it's support for Arm processors, higher resolution screens, 320 x 320, bluetooth and 802.11b networks and enhanced security.

    Don't know of any dates though.
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    If I read correctly, OS5 devices will have ARm chips yes , but they will not be able to run ARM code, they will emulate 4.1 code. Even with faster clock speeds, I wonder if OS5 will be faster at all. Everything else mentioned is available now, via hardware or software.
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    I thought they could run ARM code, but that the apps would have to be recompiled with a different API then the current ones to get it to work.

    The last I heard was that OS5 devices were supposed to be out in Q4, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
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    It seems to be a bit confusing.

    "Despite this encouraging news, there is still room for improvement. OS 5 doesn't allow developers to write completely ARM-native applications, though they can include small bits of ARM code called ARMlets. The next version of the Palm OS, generally referred to as OS 6 though PalmSource hasn't officially given it a name, allows true ARM native apps. According to PalmSource, code that has been recompiled for ARM-based chips is 61 times faster on a 200 MHz ARM processor compared to a 33 MHz Dragonball one. "


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