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    So while I was talking to this tech support gentleman (Anthony), he tested my SMS messaging, and strangely enough, now I receive SMS! Originally, I would get this error:

    Line: 282, No SMS DB refnum


    But now I actually get a message ringing into my phone. And when I went to the SMS applet at the Palm desktop, I can actually look at the messages.

    I asked him what we're supposed to use for SMTP and he confirmed that they're telling him:

    I asked what we're supposed to put in for ID and Password and he said that can be manually reset by tech support... but because the site is down now, they can't do it for another 5 hours. I'll have to call back again. :-(

    But... at least there is *some* progress.

    He was pretty discouraged too. He said, "You know, this PCS Vision stuff is more trouble than it's worth!" :-)

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    I too have been getting the same error message. So I just deleted the applet. I'm on the road and preferred that to a hard reset. Will the SMS reinstall when I hotsynch?
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    I think it *will* reinstall... Mine must have... because it's back... and I had deleted it too. :-) But with me, the error came whether it was installed or *not*.

    Either way, this is possibly good news for you, too. Do a sync (thereby backingup everything), then try a new SMS message now. I bet it'll work ... just like mine did.

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