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    just tried to install a couple of new apps, trial versions of Mapopolis (w/demo maps) and Ziogolf. Ended up with a fatal error that required a hard reset. Now when using the 'restore from desktop' option on hotsynch, it reinstalls the same bad apps and I'm stuck doing another hard reset...endless loop. Does anyone have a way to work around this? Is there any way to restore to a previous hotsynch that worked? Any help is greatly appreciated. For future reference, does Backup Buddy work w/ the 300?
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    I think it should be fairly easy to pull the bad apps out of the restore process. On your PC, navigate to the directory that holds your PALM info (usually c:/palm), then click to your user name (e.g., mine is LucasD) then click on "Backup". In the file listing on the right, click on the offending applications and drag and drop them to some temporary location. Then do the hard reset and then do the new synchronization.

    HOpe it works!
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    Backup Buddy does work. I have been using it on my 300 and have had no problems. I also used it to transfer all my stuff from my old Palm V to my 300. I am using version 1.51.

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