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    Does this software work with the Treo 90? I selected the USB transfer method, and did a hotsync, but no connection is made. The T90 eventually times out. I get this status bitmap in SyncWizard (see attached jpeg). It seems others here can download 180/270 roms from their units; am I missing a step here or there with SyncWizard?

    I've heard the rom request process with Handspring is cumbersome. So since I own a Treo 90, I would rather try to download the rom from it directly.
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    i havent had any luck with downloading the rom either. i, like every other user of a treo, use usb. however, the rom only downloads thrugh serial. i guess there is a way to do it, but i havent really found a way

    Handspring support on ROM and POSE

    sorry, i cant be too much help....

    (i just use the rom from a m515, its mostly the same thing)

    and then there is always buying a serial cable for (gulp) $40 bucks--- firewire cables arn't even that much!!
    I love my Treo 90.
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    I think we need an update of SyncWizard. I checked the website of Syncwizard, and it mentioned that future version (later than 1.8) will support the USB in Treo 90.

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