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    So I've installed the Java MIDP on the Treo, which enables a J2ME application runtime environment. And what does that get us? Besides the very cool real-time MidCast stock watcher app (and a couple really weak games on palmgear) not much.

    However, isn't there some way to use this application in a browser (like jbrowser?) to create a better Java-friendly environment for websites?

    Also, it seems as if I should be able to use this for remote computer access (ala LapLink). No? Any Java geeks out there?
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    the answer to this question is that the guys who made MidCast (my buddy is a tech over there) for some reason and I'm not quite sure why but they ported their java app to a .prc file and to have it run on palm. it's the only app I know of that can stream data. i haven't found very many apps that are palm prc files that can run java.
    i don't know why the MidCast guys didn't just write this in native palm.............
    Hmmmmm. i know some java programmers who may be able to answer that (when they get back from Burning Man)......... Good question though.
    if you find any more apps that do that, let me know.

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