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    I used Blazer to access my work email through the web. It worked fine the first day but now whenever i go for that page it gives a fatal exception reset error? any ideas on what to do to prevent this?
    2)how does one clear the cache in Blazer?
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    Blazer options/advanced lets you clear cache. That might work since Blazer doesn't check for new pages automatically and thus is probably trying to load a bad page.
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    thanks..clearing the cache worked! but after each time i check mail i have to go and manually clear there something in the settings which will auto-clear the cache? is there any other browser without this problem?!
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    I think Xiino had a setting that always downloads a new page (thereby not using cache) but I'm not running it currently so can't check. You might try Eudora's browser, too, as it is free. Both are available at palmgear.

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