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    I've had a trouble ticket in since 8/17. Today, Sprint told me that they have a systemwide problem that affects anybody who tried to change (which means even input) a Vision password on or before 8/18/02.

    They expect a fix "soon". When pressed, the rep (2nd level) told me that he was hearing Sept. 4, but no guarantees.

    This actually makes me feel better. When I thought I was an isolated incident, then the hope of resolution was less. Now that it's a wide spread problem, I'm sure they have resources attacking the problem head on.

    As a reminder, in another thread was the secret to using your 300 as a 2G data device. The only thing you give up is speed (as far as I can tell), and at least you can surf and get e-mail, etc.

    Heck, the speed wasn't much different for the 4 hrs. on the 17th that I was connecting properly.
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    I'm not sure what the system wide issue is but my network preferences are:

    service: Sprint-xxxxxxxxx01 (originally assigned account name)
    user name: new vision name (I changed that too)
    password: vision password used on the right side of the website

    I too had to go in using the phone number to login in and when I established the vision password it said I was someone other than who set up the account and a different password must be used. Go figure. I used a new password and input that into the network preferences (look under Blazer options although there are several ways to get there) manually.

    Are the rest of you guys having these horrible problems set up the same way ? It sounds like Sprint wants to distance theirselves from PDAs (can you blame them, I do too) and just have them autoprogram after a 4 hour sleep. Mine worked as soon as I put the new settings in.

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