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    I ordered Chrome for the Treo (Great product when you find a demo that isn't expired) Thursday and my attempts to get a full version or registration code have gone unanswered as of today. Anyone else having problems with apps where the 3rd party developer has to "authorize" the product ?
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    Well here I am. A paying customer for software I cant use. I've contacted Handango as well as the developer yesterday. Still waiting............

    Enough to drive one to warez sites. It shouldn't be so difficult to obey the law.
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    the evaluation ones seem to have all expired. I purchaed the full from handango or palmgear and downloaded the one called chrome-ent-f. Notice the f at the end. No problems.
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    It appears that I am not alone. Below is the first review shown on the handango site. It's been 7 calendar days with no full program, and Handango, the collector of the payment, refers the problem to the developer. Maybe I'll go into car sales, collect the money, and say call GM if you really want the car. Maybe I'm too gullible and actually think a reputable site has some real inventory control over the product they sell. I guess this is this one of those allow 4 to 6 weeks for delivery things, even though the site promises the program within 48 hours.

    I have 200 Palm customers at work, and Handango will not be the software source unless they can be a bit more aggressive. This kind of stuff gives software piracy a good name. Could just be my Karma for not registering Winzip. I'm going for the refund tomorrow and buying from other sites. I guess I have to credit Handango for posting bad reviews on their site.

    Neal M. from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, June 20, 2002

    Trial version "expired" upon download and waiting over 2 days for "pay" version.

    If "immediate gratification" is important to you, don't bother with this program. First, after downloading the "trial" version, I was unable to use it because it had "expired." Secondly, I paid for the full version and was told it would be emailed to me within two business days. Well, it's been well over two business days and I haven't received anything! But the confirmation email did contain an email address in the event of any problems. So I emailed them and am still waiting for a response. I have downloaded various programs for my PDA. Whether they were "pay" or "free" programs, I was always able to download them IMMEDIATELY! This kind of service for a downloadable program is totally unacceptable!!
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    This is certainly the software developers fault, though Handango should be supporting you much more than that. I've purchased 3 programs from them in the last 2 weeks (datebk5, palmlog pro, and monopoly) and all of them sent me the code in 24 hrs or less. Maybe its a one man show and he's on vacation. No excuse.
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    No word from Handspring or the developer. A guy in the Netherlands sez he is working on a hack. Guess I won't feel guilty if I use it since I've paid for the program.
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    Handango offered a refund, but beware that buying software from Handango which calls for an unlock code from the developer is no guarantee that you will ever get the unlock code. I'm still waiting for an unlock code from despite providing them with several working email addresses.

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