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    Does anyone use their Visor to access eBay? Is there a PDA friendly version of this site? I tried to use AvantGo, but did not succeed.

    I contacted the friendly people at eSnipe about a PDA friendly version of their site (this would let me place a bid using the eBay item number) - but they have not thought about producing one.

    If you buy on eBay you might want to check out their site - it lets you place your bid within seconds of an auction closing (preventing a bidding war). Check out

    If a PDA friendly version of eSnipe would be useful to you, can you please add your request to mine by sending an email to: []

    If enough of us want it they might do something about it.

    Before you ask - no, I am not affiliated with eSnipe, but I've used them to get some great deals.
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    Are you trying to sync data to/from e-bay or simply browse using a VisorPhone/Springboard Modem? If the later, try
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    bbaughman you are a hero. Now I can bid anytime I want.

    I still want to "snipe" though, so I'll keep harassing eSnipe to give PDA users access.
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    I've done it several times to check on the status of an auction, and it works fine with the Blazer browser.

    On a PDA, Ebay is a different version....definitely simpler and faster to load.

    One quirk I've noticed is that I have to keep logging in to do anything. It's slightly annoying, I'm only checking Ebay for a brief moment so I can deal with it.
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    I've also successfully logged on to my eBay account using EudoraWeb.
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