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    My data (web and email) went out yesterday evening. Has this happened to anyone else or do I have a phone problem?
    When you try to connect using Blazer you get a long wait while "connecting" but it never connects. Error message says "Blazer could not complete the page load. Please try again later." Tried many pages over and over since yesterday. Same deal. Is anyone else experiencing this?
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    I had a problem connecting for 10 minutes last night (it would go through the signing on process, then say "cancelled")
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    End of thread. Boy do I feel like a Homer.

    Wireless mode was off!

    Only figured that out when I tried to use the phone. Must have accidently held the button down too long and turned it off. Once your off it isn't apparent if you just want to surf the web. You just get the aforementioned Connection situation.
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    Sorry Zim, but this is too good to not comment on This sounds sorta like the person who calls into a name brand computer maker complaining that their "cup holder" doesn't work on their computer....yuck yuck yuck!!!!


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