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    I know there have been a lot of threads on this. I figured out how to do it with help from Tech Support.

    1) Make sure your 3G Vision account is setup properly and working on your Treo
    2) If you haven't done it already, set your Vision password on under your phone number account. Log into the Vision side and make sure it works. Then setup the new password on your Treo and make sure you can log in.
    3) Log into your Vision account on Go to PCS Email, click on Settings & Preferences, click on tab Setup.
    4) Enter in your Mail Password. I made it the same as my vision password. Click Done. I got an error but it updated it anyway.
    5) Setup your favorite mail client on your Treo (or PC if you want to test it). I use Eudora:

    username: test01 (your username for your regular Incoming mail on your FULL email address for Sprint Incoming mail.
    Incoming: (Or you can use your regular email account if you want)
    On Eudora, go to last tab. Make sure you have the following under Outgoing:
    Auth: Best Available
    Prompt Password
    SSL: If available

    In other words you have to have SMTP auth enabled in your mail client for This means it requires a password.
    Now create an email message and send it. It will prompt for your username and password

    username: (make sure to use your FULL VISION email address)
    password: <password you setup above as your PCS Mail password>

    That should be it. The key is to set the password for PCS Mail on the website and then it should work.

    Good luck!!

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    Your instructions worked superbly! Many thanks
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    Great post. I still have yet to be able to get my Vision 3G email account going. I only have access to my old 2G account, which is fine because that is the address all of my friends use anyway. I'm not too concerned because all of my data works fine on the Treo and we can't download the ringers, games and apps from Sprint, anyway. In many ways, the Treo 3G experience (except for MO-SMS) is better than that with the other phones. My browsing is fast, I can download and use Palm Apps, etc. I have a Samsung A500 and its web browser is like molasses....slower than 2G WW. I would switch back to my old A460 except you can't get old WW added to the new 3G add-a-phone accounts.
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    My SprintPCS mail is working fine now...
    I am using Eudora client on the Palm.
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    That was a lucid email by rfrance74. There is one caveat, however.

    If your TREO 300 is your first Sprint phone, you will be listed in their database as a 3G customer. As such, you will not be able to sign up for Wireless Web Mail, since it is unavailable for 3G. Only you previous Sprint customers will be able to "grandfather" an email account.

    Sprint customer service tells me that the expectation date for resolution is Sept. 15.
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    I tried out rfrance74's advice on getting the Sprint mail working on, but when I choose the PCS Email link, I just get a sign-up page. Clicking on the sign-up button either re-loads the same page or just brings me back to my home area. I'm guessing I didn't sign up for anything.

    Since this is my first Sprint phone, could this be the database problem luvhate mentioned wouldn't be fixed until Sept. 15? I'm going to stop by the local Sprint store and see if they know anything - but am not holding my breath.
    - Jeff
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    Great post, rfrance74. I was on the web site yesterday, before reading your post, and *stumbled* across the same solution, after having spent *hours* on the phone these past 2 weeks with Sprint helpdesks. I bumbled my way through it... and finally got the right combination. rfrance74's post would have helped me save even *more* time. :-) Somebody needs to send rfrance74's explanation to them. :-)

    Now... let's see... we've got the continuing unresolved issue of how to directly send SMS from our Treos. Got a solution for that rfrance74? :-)

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    Hey JHRacing - I'm having the same problems signing up for Web mail on the Sprint site. Have you (or anyone) figured out a way around that yet?
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    I have had the same problem and have tried it on 3 different days. I tried every combo on the web site and could not get my email setup. The menu says I have one email waiting ,must be a sprint email, because I get an bad user email bounced back to me when I send to my sprintpcs account.

    Anyone get around this? Did you have to call support?

    >>Clicking on the sign-up button either re-loads the same page >>or just brings me back to my home area. I'm guessing I didn't >>sign up for anything.
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    I ended up having to call the "secret" support number (877-228-2257), waiting on hold for 30 minutes and talking to a person who couldn't fix it, BUT... she put in a request for even smarter tech support people to look at it and the next day my Sprint mail was working on the web page.

    Now I have my work e-mail forwarded to and then I set up (using setting and preferences on the web page) that e-mail to be forwarded to so whenever I get e-mail I get a little SMS message with the first part of the e-mail included. So far I've only gotten Pa-Pi mail to both send and receive e-mails through the Sprint pop server. Multimail (didn't work at all) and tapmail (receive but no send) both didn't work.

    BTW, despite what it says in the manual, I've also gotten my Treo to dial into my work and check IMAP e-mail that way. Despite all the frustration, I'm pretty happy now
    - Jeff

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