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    Dug out the unused case for my Visor Deluxe and so far it make an adequate repostory for my new treasure, but it is bulky.
    I always have coin or keys in my front pockets so no way my treo can go in there without protection. I do not always have shirt pocket and even if i did, I know I'd be 10 stories up when it fell out

    Checked the belt clip at Handspring but its specifically not for the 90. While I don't want to bulk up the Treo, I do want it readily accessible and secure. Is there a secure belt clip for the Treo90 or is a protective case the only alternative - with its inherent bulk ?

    So tell me where do I stick it (actually where do you stick yours) ?
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    sorry..couldn't resist, I guess you set me up for that one...anyhow, Vaja makes a nice case for the Treo cell models that is like a's pretty thin and would add the required protection for your new treasure...

    P.S. is the site.
    Goodbye my lovely Treo
    HELLO TG50
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    I own a couple of cases, but have pretty much quit using them and my treo goes in my pocket with keys and the occasional coin, although coins mostly fall out during the day. There is a screen protector protecting the outside of clear window and so far (2 months) I have no scratches on the body, although scratches are inevitable.

    A problem with using cases, I find, is that I take it in and out too often. Because it is a phone and a pda, I use it a lot. Moreover, I can get a good grip on it before taking it out of my pocket, but it seems slippery and easy to drop coming out of a case. I wish the finish were rougher plastic.
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    The Samsomite "Worldproof" case for the Palm 5/Visor Edge is made of a very rigid neoprene-type material. It zippers competely closed, so you won't lose your stylus or SD card accidentally. It's just a touch bigger than the 90 and has a belt loop. Mine was abour $15. Until a waterproof metal slip-in case comes out, it works for me.
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    I've got mine in a clip-on leather case I found at a "Leather Direct" kiosk, for $6 [check local mall; interstate highway rest area stops]. It's actually for a smallish flip-open cell phone, but fits perfectly, due to the stretch sides. Closes via a flap over the top, which attaches to the rest of the case with velcro, making it super-easy to pull in and out. Adds no bulk whatsoever. FWIW, I've also seen similar cases at Wal-Mart [electronics section- $10], Staples [I think it's from Belkin- $20, snaps close], and Circuit City [$15].
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    I use the Handspring's leather case and I'm quite pleased with it. I keep my Treo 90 in my left front pocket. The case add a little bulk, but not too much and it seems to do a good job at protecting it.
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    Try this, Brookstone...cell phone holder, leather...someone around these boards pointed it out to me. Works like a charm, fits the Treo perfectly. Went to the mall and picked it up the same day.

    Cell phone holder
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    Ripoffs also has a case for the Treo series.

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