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    Now that I'm about to (hopefully soon) recieve my 3rd treo 180... I have a question for anyone in a similiar position.

    What type of help have you received through HS. I'm speaking of refunds, replacements, upgrades to 270's.

    Or did you simply eat the cost and stop using the Treo??

    I've never dropped any of these treos, they just stop working? I mean seriously, how can one be expected to keep getting replacements which fail after a few days?

    Am I to just put it on my desk, never turn it on, and just stare at it in unbridled admiration, never to use it???

    For the record... HS Customer Service has lost my 2nd RMA twice now, keep having to call back and reset it up ;(
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    I am in a similar situation. I recieved my third replacement two weeks ago and it was DOA. I have asked now to either get a refund, plus $175 to buy out my three month old service contract with Voicestream, or to be provided with a NEW treo 180 or 270 with me paying the difference. For two weeks now I have been calling on a daily basis and all I am told is that the situation has been escalated to "third-tier" customer care and that they will contact me, but customer care cannot provide me with a time frame for resolution. All that said it is now been nearly two months that I have been without a working treo. I can say that neither I nor my firm will be purchasing a product from this company in the future.
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    You are unfortunate in that you got the HS 'booby-prize' which is handed out to the biggest moaners.
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    I just wanted to say that moaning is not quite what I have been doing. Attempting to force Handspring to honor their product warranty is more akin to what I have been doing. However, do to Handsprings lack of communication with me going on three months now, I have taken legal measures. Now it is no longer about money, but principle. A company like this cannot act in such a casual manner when their products are flawed. Perhaps I can through my efforts force Handspring to change their awful ways.
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    I am on my 2nd Treo 180g... first one had dying speaker. Replacement unit was shipped directly from Solectron, which apparently is the out-sourced manufacturer. Handspring Customer Service, after much coaxing, finally agreed to refund the $25 advanced replacement charge. I received an email confirmation, but still haven't seen the $$ credited. I suspect their Customer Service, like Manufacturing, is out-sourced. Communication between the company and their outsourcing partners certainly leaves much to be desired. Unfortunately, I see this as the wave of the future. All we can do is email, and phone, to protect our interests as consumers.
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    My first 180 went belly up about a month after I bought it. (Speaker conked out)

    On my first call to HS customer service, I was told I'd have to pay the $25 for the express replacement or whatever they called it. I didn't have my credit card with me at the time,so I told them I'd call back the next morning.

    After thinking about it over night, I was a little ticked off that I was going to have to pay $25, seeing as how I'd only had the thing about 4 weeks. So when I called back in the morning, I explained that to them, and the gal who I talked to put me on hold, then came back and said her supervisor OKed her waiving the $25. I was pretty happy with that.

    I got a replacement Treo the following morning before 9:00. I was pretty impressed with that.

    Now, knock on wood, I haven't had any problems with the second unit. Of course now that I'm writing this, it'll probably croak on me tonite!

    When I was working on getting it replaced, I did ask about upgrading to the 270, as it was just being released at the time. They said sorry, there are currently no upgrades for you.
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    here just to say I'm going to take my 4th Treo (3rd replacement). I'm also thinking about performing a 270 upgrade, from my local store directly.

    I'm really disappointed with Treo fragility. it's a pain, as Treo really rock as device.
    matro 180->270->600->650->750v->680->Pro
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    Well... after about a month of HS CS losing my RMA requests, I FINALLY got my replacement. of course, it was a remanufactured one (does anyone truly believe they send new ones?!?).

    Here's hoping this one lasts.
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    Since I was doing some searching and found this thread again... I though I'd comment on the last post;

    Nope... it did NOT last. Trying to get ANOTHER replacement.
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    I'd been through 5 or 6 Treo 180s in about 10 months. A couple weeks after I got the last one (Brand new, in a retail box this time), I gave up and bought a PocketPC Phone through T-Mobile. Sold my Treo to a buddy of mine. That was about a month ago. He called this weekend to tell me the speaker on THIS ONE died. So I'm getting ready to call about getting him another replacement.

    I haven't been active on the treocentral discussions since I got the ppc phone. Does anyone know if they are doing upgrades to the 270 now? Or are they still sending out junk 180s that'll need to be replaced again in another month or two?
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    4 or 5 Treos? Ha! Im calling right now to get my 8th Treo 180 in less than a year! If it wasn't because the Treo is the coolest PDA in the market, I would have gone for something else. Im just hoping for the day when they send me a 270.

    I can't believe how fragile the Treo is. I take the best care of my Treo, and it still manages to break!
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    Heh. I just checked. This will be #7. Sad thing is: When #6 came, I didn't use it - well maybe 3 or 4x before I bought the Pocket PC phone. Then I sold it. And as it turns out, my friend I sold it to only used it for a week before it died. That is really bad. Especially for a brand new unit, not a refurb.

    Has anyone considered some sort of class action suit? This is ridiculous. I know 4 people here in town who own Treos (including me) and between us, we have gone through over 20 of them in the last 8 months.
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    all treo 180's will eventually conk out speakerphonewise. this was admitted to me by a handspring person. its official. the speakerphone cables will all snap around the hinge region some time pretty soon due to a design failure. i have repaired mine and i was lucky not to have had any problems doing so, but i have heard of some misfortunes experienced by others who attempted to repair it. so do it at your own risk. anyway, the next generation of treos are in the making. so be patient and i guess we will be rewarded. i'll try and hold on to my 180g for as long as possible, 'cause pure graffiti just has style.
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    Well... about to recieve my 4th unit in the mail.

    The visor dlx was good, the visor edge was great... the treo 180... well it sucks.

    I don't believe I'll be purchasing another handspring product, regardless of the "gee-whiz" factor of the new treo. In the past I was a primary reason that many people purchased from handspring... in the future, the opposite will be true.
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    The dead speaker was my first Treos problem. On two of them, fatal errors, on one of them a dead battery, on two of them, a busted usb connection. I even got one and within one minute of use, it got fatal errors. When I get my replacement, Im going to encase it in a Titanium box! Maybe if I don't touch it nothing will go wrong with it.
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    Heh... good idea... to take it one further, I don't think I'll ever let it get on the network, wouldn't want to evil radio waves to get in there and muck it up.

    Maybe I'll build a nice little display case (lined of course to keep out all radio signals) with shocks for stabilization (don't want it to move at all). Then I could stare in wonder at my treo 180 and marvel at it's amazing abilities...

    none of which I can use
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    The speaker died on my first 180, and Handspring replaced it quickly with little ado. Then that one started crashing all the time, so they replaced it too. So I'm on my third one. Although I can't understand why they keep breaking, I certainly have had nice, helpful, speedy support from Handspring.

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