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    New to this "high tech" stuff.
    Wnen I open the lid of my Treo 300 it defalts to the "speed dial" mode.
    Can this be changed?
    I would like to open the lid and have the phone keypad as the default application.

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    Get Treobutton from palmgear.
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    How do you get the keypad-dialer to be the default with treobutton? You can change the app that gets launched with treobutton (i.e.Phonebook, which is the default), but I don't know how you set which page to go to (ie keypad versus speed-dialer)
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    I don't have a solution to jumping to the dialer when you open. You can jump to contacts if you want. Personally, I dial on the keyboard because I still like to feel a key pressed in. Pushing a number when on the speed dial switches you to the dialer keypad, by the way.

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