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    So I tried to buy a toaster oven at Amazon using the Treo and Blazer -- wouldn't work.
    I tried Eudora -- wouldn't work.
    I tried Xiino -- wouldn't work.

    Is it just me or is this New Technology Thing regressing? Can't Sprint line up some basic core functionality BEFORE the launch? I realize we're early adopters, but c'mon, give us a browser that handles m-commerce, please, and I'll email you a piece of nice brown toast.

    Does this bother anyone else?
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    What kinds of errors did you get when trying to place an order?

    It bothers us all I am sure.

    I wish the folks at Mozilla would make a browser for the Palm OS. Somebody should be able to make something that works. This goes beyond Handspring and must be an issue with every PalmOS based device.

    Blazer was suppose to be the cutting edge PalmOS based browser though, so it would have been nice if they made sure their browser worked well with a leading e-tailer like .
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    No clear errors to speak of -- a variety of things:

    Blazer: An infinite sign-on loop at Amazon.
    Eudora: Just a bunch of html code or something. Page doesn't even show up.
    Xiino: It does have an error that said the page couldn't work because it was text /x-hdml.

    Whatever. I just can't believe Sprint didn't at least line up Amazon. It's pathetic. It really is.
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    Well Sprint is not to blame here.

    On their 2G network doesn't Amazon work? Blazer does do WAP. How can the WAP version of be accessed? (I don't know how to access any WAP sites...)

    Also, Sprint is just the bandwidth provider. This is an issue between HandSpring (Blazer makers) and Amazon, not to mention any other PalmOS based broswer maker.
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    I know what you're saying, but still, Sprint controls the deck. Blazer is the OEM browser. Granted, Amazon currently is not part of that deck but it should be. As you said, it's the largest e-tailer in the world. We had it on WAP phones (Sprint PCS Wireless Web). I just don't understand why we don't have the functionality here. Even if it is a browser issue, let's get it fixed ASAP. I just bought a $500 device and doubled my monthly bill. And now Sprint is telling me I get LESS core functionality?
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    I got this from Small Sites:

    Might work with the Treo, eh? If it does, let us know.
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    Originally posted by Invader Zim
    I got this from Small Sites:

    Might work with the Treo, eh? If it does, let us know.
    Hey, it worked!! I'll be damned!

    Toast for everyone! (Except Sprint ....)
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    I am still debating on buying the Treo but I fear that I will loose some of the functionality that I had with my OmniSky modem. I had no problems checking email from POP or corporate. I could purchase things wo/ any problem. I use an IM program wo/ and issues. PQA's also worked and they had a cool portal of sorts with optimized PQA-type sites.

    Someone give me some reason that this is superior to OmniSky. I don't need someone to explain to me that it is superior because it is a 'SMARTPHONE' all in one PDA / cellphone combo.
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    you should post a new thread for that one
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    MobileDave - Sprint is not at all to blame. Seems maybe you just entered in the wrong door . Sprint supports web on various devices. Palm, PocketPC and multiple phones from a host of other providers. If anyone gets preferential treatment it should be the people spending $800 on a PocketPC device. Not that I think that's a smart purchase, but they spent more. Sprint is not and should not be held accountable for sites that someone can not access. They offer the bandwidth and its up to the developers of the device to make sure their device can access sites.

    toshm - You should get the Treo 300 because if you can access a site via another PalmOS device you will be able to access all those same sites with the Treo 300.

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