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    I'm considering the Treo vs. the PocketPC.... Important for me is as seamless an email connection to a corporate email server (exchange) as possible, ability to AIM, desktop integration with my work Outlook system (tasks and calendar), occasional attachment reading (word/excel). I kind of like the Treo design (protective screen, mini-keyboard) but I also like the PocketPC functionality and Microsoft "integration".

    Any recommendations? Anyone used both or used one and switched to the other because they didn't like it?

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    I can share some of my experiences which are as follows:

    a) Sprint coverage is better than T-Mobile in California , I believe due to the sharing agreement with Cingular.
    b) Pocket PC device has a lot more capabilities than the TREO, I think the T-Mobile unit is much more a PDA than the TREO. The Pocket PC has MP3 and Movie playing capability for example.
    c) Size wise I think the TREO is on the right track. I just cannot get use to the hinge cover.For me the perfect TREO is with no hinge earpiece
    d) I think the speaker phone in the Pocket PC is better than the TREO, but that comes from the IPAQ side of the manufacturer. You cannot beat COMPAQ ( now HP) on PDA sound quality.
    e) Screen -outdoors is better with Pocket PC.You can still view the TREO in outdoors but no direct sunlight.
    f) Pocket PC suffered of several "frozen periods" in which you had to turn the unit ON/OFF.
    g) I manage all my Outlook integration for My Treo with Dataviz products ( Documents To Go & In Box To Go).
    h) I like BLAZE much more than Pocket IE.

    Overall I bought the TREO because of size, CDMA 2000 is faster for data than GPRS, Integration is straight forward even tough it is not MS product.Hope this helps
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    I posted this in HowardForums a few months ago:

    A couple notes:
    - this was based on the Treo 270 where SMS really works.
    - I think the Pocket PC probably works better for Business Connect since the synchronization process can run in a different thread.

    Toshiba is Pocket PC and Treo is Palm.

    I've owned multiple devices of both. The Treo is much more "business-like". It's very easy to use and does a great job of being an "organizer". Synchronization is a snap, the calendar, contacts and to-do list work exactly like you'd expect. Screen is 160x160 resolution. It has a built in thumbpad keyboard which makes SMS'ing very, very real. Battery life is pretty good. Treo is easy to read in your car but not very easy in direct sunlight.

    PocketPC (Toshiba) has a better screen (240x320) and probably better color. If the screen is side-lit like most PocetPC's I've used, it will be viewable outside.

    The Treo comes with 16mb of built in memory. This is plenty for a Palm OS. The Toshiba comes with 32mb which is NOT enough for a Pocket PC device. The 32mb in the Toshiba is probably equivalent to 6-8mb on a Palm. If you plan on playing games on the Pocket PC, it won't be enough memory.

    In general, I've noticed most business users will find the Palm OS much more to their liking. Kids love the Pocket PC because the games and multimedia capability (very short videos and MP3s).

    The Palm OS is bullet-proof and all programs will always run at the same speed they always do. With Pocket PC as you open more programs, you'll find programs slowing down and you'll need to do the occasional reset. If you reset the Palm once a month, it's a lot.

    If you're looking for a PDA/organizer first and games/multimedia second, I would highly recommend the Treo over the Toshiba.

    PC Magazine and others have reviewed both and most of them are recommending the Treo. But then again, most of these publications are aimed at the enterprise/business user.

    One thing you should "try" before making a decision: the thumbpad keyboard on the Treo makes inputing text VERY easy and VERY quick. If you will be inputting a lot of text or SMS'ing, it may be the sole reason to get the Treo.

    good luck

    One other thing: at $799, the Toshiba is so overpriced I would be shocked if they sold even a handful of them. I would even go so far as NOT recommending it at all based on price alone.
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    I should have added these comments to my first posting:

    1.- T Mobile is selling a $499 Pocket PC which will make it comparable to the TREO.
    2.- My experience in large companies is that the Pocket PC is making progress in the deployment of these as the IT groups will support these better due to the availability of encryption systems, citrix interface , VPN's and integration with exchange systems.Palm just initiated that effort.
    3.-T Mobile device has a better Phone/PDA integration than the Toshiba unit been offered by Verizon and Sprint.
    4.- Expansion capabilities of the Pocket PC is something that the TREO needs.

    But I do agree with the previous posting that the small size is a seller, thumboard helps and the best test to go to the stores and play with them a bit.

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