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    I want a good phone, with a good PDA that I can PUSH my Yahoo email to. can the Treo 300 push yahoo mail. With "average size email", about 150 emails a month, will that blow through the 2-4mb data included? Thanks!!!
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    The Treo can not PUSH mail. You have to check it. I use Yahoo to send my mail messages, but of course you must sign up for their POP/Fowarding service.

    I think the Treo 300 is as good as it gets when it comes to PDA/Phone/with web combos.

    I don't know why anyone complains about the price. A good web enabled color PDA plus the cost of a good cell phone would go over $500 easy. And my old Visor Prism and cell phone are history. The Treo 300 does it all for me .

    When thinking about the amount of bandwidth you need, don't just calculate the size of the mail you will receive. Think about the mail you will send too and also remember that there is communication between your Treo and the mail server to delete old messages and checking mail uses a small amount of bandwidth even when nothing is delivered. And if you plan to surf at all you will need bandwidth for that.

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